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Maritime Extended Border Security

The USCG is currently part of the Department of Homeland Security and is also part of the Department of Defense, through Title X of the National Defense Act. It is a hybrid agency that works maritime security in the broad sense of the word – from the low end to the higher end of the threat environment.

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The New Paradigm for Chief Security Officers

The role of a director of security, especially with the added spectre of terrorism, takes a different road with the new trends in lone wolf attacks (as famously experienced recently in Boston, Canada, France, and other parts of Europe). These acts involve self-initiated attacks by individuals, with no demonstrable planning or coordination from a larger organization. As such, this type of threat is challenging traditional ways of securing our environment.


(Feb 2009) High Altitude Aerial Platforms & Payloads: New in-depth report includes detailed analysis of today?s persistent market, its inhibitors, drivers, and opportunities, combined with penetrating technical examination of both flight platforms and payloads. The report covers a wide spectrum of upcoming military and private industry business opportunities in areas as:

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Perimeter security at ­airports had been of growing concern to the policing community before a program called Airport Watch (AW) was created in 1999. In partnership with the RCMP and the Ottawa Police Service as a crime prevention tool for the Ottawa International Airport, it took about 36 months of dedication – by officers and dozens of volunteers – to develop effective protocols and to ­standardize regulations.