Airbus recognizes York Regional Police after Air Support Unit reaches 15,000 hours of flight on the Air2.
10 Feb - Iowa authorities released footage of a massive 70-car pileup in which one person was killed.
Romanian and Canadian military medical teams train together. (Cpl Duchesne-Beaulieu)
Canadian soldiers extinguish hot spots in British Columbia. (2018 Photo: MCpl Gerald Cormier)
Yellowknife: Canadian SAR Techs train for a major air disaster. (Photo: Erica Seymour)
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Members of Mourne Mountain Rescue Team (Ireland) assist a casualty.
Rescue workers respond in aftermath of Hurricane Florence
A CH-149 Cormorant helicopter sits at the Jarvis Lake SAR Training Facility. (Photo: LS Zachariah Stopa)
USCG Cutter Polar Star after supporting Op Deep Freeze in Antarctica. Photo: PO2 Ali Flockerzi
Whidbey Island SAR MH-60S helicopter in the North Cascades National Park. Photo:Ignacio D. Perez
Firefighting crews from CAL FIRE fight the Garza Fire. Photo: Staff Sgt. Eddie Siguenza
771 NAS Search and Rescue. Photo: Ian McClure


Jun 21

Former Conservative interim leader Rona Ambrose's bill to give mandatory sexual assault training to federally appointed judges is dead, thanks to some procedural manoeuvring in the Senate.

Jun 20

Iran's Revolutionary Guard said it shot down a U.S. drone on Thursday, amid heightened tensions between Tehran and Washington over Iran's collapsing nuclear deal with world powers, although American and Iranian officials are disputing exactly where the downing occurred.

Jun 20

A Hezbollah operative collected “detailed information” about security measures as Toronto’s Pearson airport, according to a report circulated by Canada’s air safety agency and obtained by Global News.

Jun 18

The Conservative Party will be campaigning against a ban on specific kinds of assault weapons in the next election, arguing a Liberal Party proposal to prohibit some military-style assault weapons that are currently legal would penalize law-abiding gun owners while failing to address the real cause of gun crime in Canada.

Jun 17

Egypt's first democratically elected president, Islamist leader Mohammed Morsi, who was ousted by the military in 2013 after a year in office, collapsed in court while on trial Monday and died, state TV and his family said.

Jun 17

While the U.S. keeps a close eye on its southern border, a steady increase in apprehensions along the 5,545-mile-long U.S.-Canada border rates concern.

Jun 17

Ottawa has officially ruled out a countrywide ban on handguns, but the Liberals will be running in the next federal election on a plan to prohibit and buy back some military-style assault weapons that are currently legal in Canada, minister Bill Blair said.

Jun 14

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had blamed Iran for the "unprovoked attacks" on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday, and Iran has rebuffed that accusation, affirming its responsibility for security in the Strait of Hormuz.

Jun 14

The federal government has announced $10-million in new RCMP funding to give Mounties better technology to improve their money-laundering investigations, but B.C. says it needs more actual boots on the ground from the federal agency to crack down on this sophisticated crime.

Jun 13

The federal government has quietly taken construction of the coast guard's next heavy icebreaker away from Vancouver shipyard Seaspan, the latest in a string of upheavals in Canada's multibillion-dollar shipbuilding strategy.

Jun 13

With just over a week before the Commons adjourns for the summer and an October election, the Liberal caucus remains divided over possible measures to ban handguns or assault-style semi-automatic rifles, two senior Liberals say.

Jun 11

The court martial of Canada's chief military judge kicked off Monday with testimony about the accused's friendship with the presiding judge. It goes deeper than friendship, the presiding judge is also the accused's former Deputy.

Jun 11

In a court challenge to a major procurement decision, the Govt states it has "sole discretion" to cancel and re-issue an RFP, while a lawyer for company counters that the Govt's right should not conflict with its duty "to act fairly."

Jun 10

Canada's military spies can collect and share information about Canadian citizens – including material gathered by chance – as long as it supports a legitimate investigation, says a newly disclosed federal directive.

Jun 07

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the federal government has confidence in the RCMP to investigate Canadians who travelled to fight alongside extremists in Iraq and Syria.

Jun 03

The federal government says the military is going to help with Alberta's wildfire fight. Federal Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says Alberta has asked for Canadian Forces assistance and the federal government has accepted the request.

Jun 03

Resident of an Orléans neighbourhood described seeing a funnel cloud and hearing what sounded like a train Sunday before a tornado ripped trees out of the ground and damaged homes and cars.

May 31

The Senate has temporarily suspended the use of a private security company as it examines a sole-source contract that quickly and quietly grew from $24,000 to $95,000.

May 28

In consultation with Inuit, a scientific argument for Canadian control of a vast portion of the Arctic seabed, including the North Pole, has been submitted to the UN body that will evaluate it.

May 28

Just when DND needed it least, the Kandahar cenotaph ceremony debacle snatched decisive defeat from the jaws of a potential “reconnecting with Canadians” victory.


(May 24)
DAN DONOVAN's picture

A recent Léger Marketing poll surveyed 1,522 eligible Canadian voters. The results suggest that the electorate is looking for a new leader – and the Green party's Elizabeth May is seen as the most knowledgeable, ethical and balanced leader of the bunch.

(May 13)
Ken Pole's picture

According to David McGuinty, the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians’ 2019 activities will assess enforcement and admin of immigration and customs laws and privacy issues.

(May 08)

More than two years after breach of trust charges were laid against VAdm Mark Norman, the charges have officially been stayed in court. Norman has denied the charges all along, and has been in a long fight to defend his integrity.

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