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FrontLine Defence offers a forum for intelligent analysis of issues relating to Canada's military services. Informative articles written by leaders in these sectors are combined with candid interviews, opinion pieces; equipment news and reviews, and balanced assessments by outside experts.

FrontLine is delivered to key federal departments such as National Defence, Procurement Canada, ISED, Finance Canada, Treasury Board, Government Affairs Canada, and others. We deliver to every federal Member of Parliament, every member of the Senate, and foreign diplomats in Canada.

FrontLine reaches senior personnel in defence, security and enforcement agencies across Canada. These include members of the Canadian Armed Forces, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the Canadian Coast Guard. It is also delivered to senior industry executives of major OEMs and suppliers to the defence and aerospace sectors.

FrontLine also delivers to foreign missions around the world – both in print and online.


We look forward to hearing your views. If you would like to submit a commentary on any topic related to the military, send an email or call.


Chris MacLean began her magazine career in 1976 as Art Director with Canadian Review magazine (published by E. Graydon Carter, now the Editor of Vanity Fair). Chris' fascination with defence topics began in the late 1970s, with her work on DND's Sentinel magazine, and she later worked on other DND publications with DDDS-7-2. She managed departments for private companies in Ottawa before seizing an opportunity to return to the magazine world. As Managing Editor and finally General Manager of Vanguard magazine, she steadily developed the business from 1998 until the untimely passing of the publisher (her mentor) in 2003. Not wanting to let such a talented pool of experts dissipate, Chris then took on the challenge of establishing Canada's FrontLine magazine, which quickly took the lead in the defence and homeland security sectors. FrontLine offers balanced, non-partisan content related to military procurement, operations and requirements, through analyses, commentary, and articles by trusted writers and insiders.