Protecting Yourself
Sep 15, 2009

The flu season is upon us and the new ­vaccine is arriving as we go to press. We are grateful again to Dr. David Butler-Jones, Canada’s Chief Medical Officer, (whom we interviewed in our last edition), for his hard work and calm preparation. We also salute the public health workers across the country for their dedication and help in keeping the effects of this pandemic to a minimum in our communities.

Based on the intense experience in Toronto and his expertise in assessing the lessons of SARS, Dr. Jim Young’s submission offers some final reflections on H1N1 as the flu season progresses.

In a recent conference on the H1N1  pandemic, I was interested in the presentations by several large pharmaceutical companies and wondered what new leaps in biotechnology were on the horizon. We listened to the ­makers of our vaccine and antivirals, but I was interested in knowing what other major innovations were being made. An interesting and informative ­article is presented by Dr. K. John Morrow Jr. on the Evolva approach in searching for solutions. It seems a most promising and logical ­evolution.

Identity theft, personal security and our individual and corporate vulnerability continues to challenge the digital society.
As author Fran Hawthorne explains, some new technologies exist to help us reduce the technical risk, such as the OVD-Kinegrams that are visible on some of our new government documents.

Blair Watson examines the work of authorities in thwarting the threats of credit card fraud and theft, and David Gewirtz is with us again and looks at some seemingly innocuous but ever risky practices that are prone to and encourage identity theft. The vulnerabilities are clear and increasing and it behooves us to be ever more aware and cautious.  

However it is our reaction to such things as an apparently innocent call or a “wonderful” offer that counts. I received one from what appeared to be my IP support agency asking me  to confirm my security password over the air without proper ID other than stating that they were from my IP support network and that they wished to fix access to my personal vault – and which I had indeed complained about.  What would you have done?

Dr. Wayne Boone analyses a recent work on security accountability in Canada and offers his reflections on the challenges that this poses to government agencies as they balance the dual challenge of transparency and secrecy in intelligence and security work. In these days of vulgarly large amounts being paid out for compensation and the increasing frequency of home-grown terrorism and illegal immigration, this is indeed an issue that needs to be reigned in and where common sense must be seen to prevail when our security is a risk. Your comments on this topic are most welcome.

Dave Aspden, the Mayor of the City of Barrie, talks to FrontLine about how that municipality has been fine-tuning its emergency preparedness plans. In a follow-on piece,  Edward R. Myers also looks at the need for a Partnership Towards Safer ­Communities which has gained much support by first responder associations. This program is exemplified by the efforts made in Barrie, Ontario.

I have added an article on the rescue and potential repair of a Canso aircraft from its Arctic Circle resting place to Fairview Alberta by Angela Burns of Grand Prairie Alberta. It is a good read and reflects on how many people from different walks of life care about our ­history. Note how many communities, agencies and entrepreneurs (even my age) took time and effort to help. It is that wonderful western community spirit that struck me in the years I lived and served out there… nice to see it alive and well!

I hope you will find our latest Industry Showcase entry of some interest. Intergraph presents us with integrated solutions that minimize risks by maximizing the available information to security personnel in a very comprehensive command and control software system. Contact the author for further information.  

Finally, as is our habit, we are pleased to let our Associate Editor, Scott Newark have the “Last Word” again. In it he deals with the timely issues of security certificates and the pursuing of terrorism.

Get your flu shots and keep your hands clean!!!   

Clive Addy, Executive Editor
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