Integrated Security
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Increase Awareness and Decrease Response Times

Today’s security environment demands integrated solutions that minimize risks by maximizing the available information to security personnel. Fortunately, software solutions can help to tie legacy systems together into a common operational picture to help you get the most from your investments.

Advanced Detection Capabilities & Accurate Situation Assessment
Detecting security breaches and other ­hazards is critical. An effective software package provides the capability to interface with access control systems, intrusion detection systems, radar systems, and video analytics, allowing operators to both view and control devices. An ideal incident detection application provides comprehensive information to help determine whether a response is appropriate.

Intergraph® offers geospatially enabled technology that provides a framework for interfacing with a variety of physical security systems. The integrated digital map lets operators visualize alarming devices, whether from access control, intrusion detection, or video analytics, in relation to available response forces.

Accurately assessing the cause of an alarm triggered by a detection device is ­critical to determining the appropriate response. Look for a system that supports different video and alarm systems through a common interface to consolidate the data into one operational picture. It should also support contention control, so rules can be invoked to manage how operators and the system control cameras.

Intergraph’s Video Assessment software allows a two-way interface to third-party video management systems. Devices and cameras are associated through the geospatial engine so that alarming devices queue nearby cameras to command-and-control operators. This alleviates the need for operators to rely on video walls and human operation to identify the right camera to assess rapidly evolving situations.

Response and Consequence Management
The ability to respond quickly, decisively, and appropriately to detected threats is essential to your integrated security capabilities. Look for Web-enabled computer-aided dispatch applications, such as Intergraph’s, which has a proven history of reliability; the ability to handle large-scale, multi-agency operations; and the technology to integrate alerts from third-party physical security devices. The most power­ful systems are tightly integrated with an advanced geospatial engine with digital map display, and can provide resource ­recommendations based on incident type, available forces and their locations. Also, seek out systems with an intuitive user interface that can operate on a variety of platforms for greatest interoperability.

Consequence management is critical to minimizing damage and recovering from a major event. Software such as Intergraph’s integrates with your security solution to provide an environment to build and manage response plans to minimize harm to people, property, and infrastructure.

Effective solutions will allow you to define detailed response plans, and then move through a series of pre-planned checklists specific to the incident in progress. The best applications can coordinate responses across all levels of an organization, as well as among agencies, to ensure that no task is unallocated or forgotten. The system should provide feedback on plan compliance throughout the life cycle of each event to enable status checks and course corrections. Action plans should be archived in a common security database and incorporated by the system in real-time as part of the response plans for future situations.

Finding the Right Provider
Your integrated system must be 100 percent reliable and accurate from day one. Choose a vendor with a strong history in the public safety and security market, who has many worldwide customers with various-sized installations. Look for a dedicated team of specialists who can perform your custom system development, installation, and support, and work with you until you have the system you need to meet your security needs. Designing, building, and deploying systems in a complex security environment must be performed with end-users in mind to ensure an effective transition, while maintaining ongoing operations.

Since 1969, Intergraph has been the leading global provider of public safety and security technology. The company offers a security solution that is a single source for the integration and management of detection devices, situational awareness through a common operation picture, and a comprehensive dispatch system for multi-agency response. Intergraph is the choice of defence teams and security agencies in more than 27 countries; with solutions that that protect 1 in 12 people in the world.

Integrating your security system – whether large or small – through appropriate software is an important next step for your organization to take. Look to an integrated software solution to help you to quickly prepare, prevent, detect, assess, respond, and recover from incidents – even in unprecedented circumstances.

Shane Loates is Intergraph’s defence and federal government security expert in Canada.
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