Securing Global Projects for Canadian Companies
© 2010 FrontLine Security (Vol 5, No 1)

The security industries’ supply chains have evolved over the past decade to include various subcontractors or specialized resources that help you bring your products to market. When looking at the bigger picture, your supply chain has grown to encompass other organizations that add value to your products. These partnerships form your value network and can include research laboratories, universities, testing facilities, clients, and government. All of these partners play a role in your success.

One such partner is the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC), the Government of Canada’s international contracting and procurement agency. Through its over 60 years experience in the aerospace, defense and security industries, CCC is positioned to assist Canadian companies in identifying and securing opportunities in markets around the globe.

Tom DeWolf, Director of Business Development, Defence Procurement at CCC explains that “through our knowledge of the Canadian industrial base and our long-standing contacts worldwide, we are able to move projects forward and ensure the best possible terms and conditions for all those involved in a government to government contract.” CCC has worked with many Canadian firms active in the security industries, be they large companies or SMEs, such as Ultra Electronics and ­Canadian Bank Note.

Your value network can include companies that have large contracts with other governments that may need your expertise or government organizations like the Department of Foreign Affairs’ Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) or Export Development Canada (EDC) – part of the Government of Canada’s International Trade Portfolio, alongside the Canadian Commercial Corporation. By tapping into a growing network of resources, you will increase your potential to participate in global opportunities.

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