Innovation in C4ISR

May 17, 2017

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR), is often described as the foundation on which every crisis response depends. Importantly, such data allows commanders to identify and interpret mission-critical factors that influence the operational environment so they can effectively plan a response and assign their resources for optimal success. In today’s ever-evolving threat continuum, innovation in this area can provide responders with the added leverage necessary to achieve the end goal.

One such innovation will be unveiled at the upcoming CANSEC trade show in Ottawa. IXTROM Group, developers of advanced software solutions for global management, situational awareness, and command and control intelligence, will be presenting the IXM2C2 (Intelligence Management, Command, Control and Dynamic Collaboration) system. This large-scale integrated C4ISR system is specifically designed for defence and security purposes.

The company says its all-encompassing IXM2C2 technology “enhances every stage of operations, giving users a turnkey solution to meet mission needs from beginning to end.” It is a multi-disciplinary system that provides commanders with real time situational awareness, comprehensive resource management and an “all-in-one strategic, operational and tactical system to support the implementation and compliance of Standard Operating Protocols, Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs).”

The system is designed so that commanders and staff can leverage command and control operations before, during and after an event strikes. The company says its innovative solution provides real time operational management to control any type of incident – and is useful during real missions as well as simulated training.

Preparedness, response and recovery phases are totally covered with a vast array of integrated services to support all types of missions from a secure and centralized platform (Operational, Joint, Coalition or Unified). IXTROM solutions interoperate seamlessly fostering collaborative defence as they connect a spectrum of services within existing IT infrastructures. The state-of-the-art technology is flexible, scalable and secure, providing a high ROI and a true operational edge to all commanders.

The company is excited to showcase the new innovation for first time in Canada at the May/June CANSEC event.

“We understand that having the highest and most efficient form of interoperability between Defence and Security organizations is vital to effective and accurate response to an event among different entities,” says Soledad Bourque, President and CEO of IXTROM Group. “The new IXM2C2 technology allows personnel to interoperate from different locations, organizations and agencies generating a rapid and effective collaborative defence structure with the capacity to expand command in order to meet the needs of each incident in real time.”

As for restrictions that often impede true interoperability, Bourque says their solution “respects different geographic and functional authorities – enabling each entity, team and individual to share classified and unclassified information while retaining their rights and restrictions at every stage of an event.”