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Give Credit Where it's Due
Posted on Apr 01, 2020

The federal government has done, and is continuing to do a very credible job of providing solid information and leadership during the health crisis facing the globe.

While I still get furious over Justin Trudeau's disregard of the rule of law that was uncovered as a result of the Jody Wilson-Raybould fiasco, his leadership is clearly shining during the COVID-19 crisis.

Will someone in the Conservative Party please tell Andrew Scheer that his partisan complaints are only making a mockery of himself and the Party?

Mind you, I was extremely thankful that the Liberals weren't in a majority situation when they tried to give themselves unprecedented power (such as the ability to raise or lower taxes without Parliamentary approval) with no oversight for some 19 months. Through negotiations, the opposition Parties managed to walk back the more extreme parts of Bill C-13. That is a prime example of the Loyal Opposition doing its job. Sheer's pettiness is an example of all that is wrong with politics today.

Not only is the Prime Minister personally assuring the nation, almost daily, by outlining the measures being taken, reiterating the need for safe-distancing and self-isolation, and explaining the financial relief available to many sectors of people and businesses affected, he is chastizing those who are not doing their part. His "Enough is enough" speech sent a strong message to those ignoring the warnings and putting themselves and others at risk. “We've all seen the pictures online of people who think they're invincible. Well, you’re not. Enough is enough. Go home and stay home,” he warned from his now-familiar pulpit in front of Rideau Cottage, where he was in self-isolation.

Likewise, Ontario's Premier is surprising everyone who didn't vote for him. His professionalism on COVID-19 is much appreciated after the massive blundering on the education file. Provincial and municipal leaders alike are stepping up to this crisis in a way that makes me proud to be Canadian. Canada's leadership in pushing for a postponement of the Olympic Games exemplifies the difficult decisions that must be made, and are being made, in an effort to "flatten the curve."

On 1 April 2020, Toronto's Crisis Management Team, including Mayor John Tory, announced stronger measures in response to the 500% increase in number of cases in the last two weeks. "This city gives me hope every day," said Tory, "we know what we have to do."

The extraordinary leadership that was in early evidence in Canada, may in fact be thanks to Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau testing positive for the disease in early March after returning from a March 4th speaking engagement in the UK. Although her symptoms were mild, and she eventually recovered, it no doubt drove home the highly infectious nature of the disease, forced self-isolation within their home, and would no doubt have prompted the Prime Minister to focus his attention very acutely on making sure the rest of the country takes it seriously.

So please, Mr Scheer, stop this adolescent attempt at gaining political points during a pandemic, and find something positive to do.

Chris MacLean​