A look at the likelihood of hospitals and medical devices being targeted for ransomware show hospitals are at risk, but there are ways to reduce the danger, says Dr. Thomas P. Keenan.

Although supported by a large number of Canadians, the Liberal government’s pursuit of a free trade agreement with China ignores real security and defence vulnerabilities posed by such a relationship.

The biggest obstacle to passage of Canadian Arctic waters is the lack of both navigation facilities and rescue services, and this requires heavy icebreakers, notes David Bercuson.

Vice-President and Fellow Colin Robertson provides the historical and political background to the G20, and explains why this meeting is so important to world affairs and our own economy.

Countries should feel a sense of urgency to better understand and address underlying causes of the surge of right-wing radicalism in their own countries, says Vanja Petricevic.

Defeating the physical ISIS caliphate is an achievable goal but addresses none of the underlying causes and it would not end the conflicts of the region.

Has Canada been too closely identified with the political position of the Ukraine government, and too tight with US positions on Ukraine to distinguish itself as a potential honest broker in finding a political/diplomatic solution to the conflict?