Charges stayed against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman
Posted on May 08, 2019

More than two years after breach of trust charges were laid against VAdm Mark Norman, the charges have officially been stayed in court.

Norman has denied the charges all along, and has been in a fight to defend his integrity, having been suspended from his position as the Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff based on the allegations.

The courts have stayed all charges against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman of any participation in the 2015 leak of Cabinet secrets related to the interim replenishment ship procurement.

The Vice-Admiral's massive following of supporters are celebrating this win, and have described the whole affair as politically motivated.

To be clear, the charges have not been dropped. He has not officially been declared innocent, which his supporters believe is his due.

In effect, this means the Admiral's reputation has not been exonerated since he was not found to be not guilty. In a comment that underlines this ambiguity, federal prosecutor Barbara Mercier described VAdm Norman's actions as "secretive and inappropriate" immediately after saying that the Crown can see no “reasonable prospect of conviction.”

A stay of proceedings indicates the crown can elect to continue with the charge anytime within the next year. What this does mean, is that the case will be out of the public eye for the duration of election campaign cycle.