Professor Emeritus MARTIN RUDNER
Posted on Dec 19, 2019

Professor Emeritus MARTIN RUDNER

It is with sadness that we, the members of the National Security Group and Associate Security editors and the Editor Frontline magazine, have lost the comradeship and remarkable wisdom of Martin Rudner who succumbed to cancer on 14 December 2019.

Martin was uniquely wise and experienced in matters related to Security and Intelligence at the national and international levels. He was Professor Emeritus at Carleton University and founding director of the Cdn Centre of Intelligence and Security whose expertise was sought around the world. A prolific author of  over 90 books and articles he was in much demand across governmental and academic authorities and conferences.

He was brilliant. As Scott Newark, our NSG colleague so accurately put it "Martin understood the importance of "knowledge" as opposed to just "information", and how important it was to making the best decisions. He knew that it was essential when choosing the best way ahead, that society or an entity understand fully how and why we got where we were in the first place." He knew the  background of major such issues exceptionally well.

At our periodic "Egg Roll" gatherings he and his wife Angela were most important contributors and we always left much wiser than when we arrived, and anxious for our next get together.

We offer our sincere condolences to Angela and their family and assure them that Martin will remain with us in spirit whenever we meet. A great loss to Canada!

– Chris Maclean, Scott Newark, Richard Cohen, Phil Murray, Clive Addy