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On a Razor's Edge
Posted on Nov 27, 2015

Recently, SLD published an article on the Turkish shootdown of Russian aircraft.

A reader, who is a well-known former USAF pilot, commented about the event as follows:

"Hardly an unpredictable event," the recent shoot-down of a Russian jet and shooting death of one of its pilots as they parachuted down, is a result of the rapidly devolving situation involving many players.

The first rescue helicopter, dispatched to pick up the surviving pilot, was reportedly damaged by a U.S. TOW missile, as shown in this video:

This video link on the Russian rescue helo, clearly shows why the West is unable to make sense of the many conflicting ideologies.

Here is the question we face, he said: "What is the difference between the 'good' Islamic fighter vs the 'bad' Islamic fighter? This situation shows how very muddy those waters are.

In one video, the Turkoman rebel ally ('the good guy') is bragging about shooting the parachuting Russian pilot and killing him while the crowd screams “Allahu Akbar“ in the background.

Does the Turkish government care that this act is illegal under the Geneva Conventions?

The same contradictory response is evident in the funker video after they hit the rescue helo, killing the Russian rescue team.

Such a lack of difference between the 'good' and the 'bad' actors in this situation!

Turkey accuses Russia of targeting moderate opposition instead of Daesh – the situation is resting on a razors edge with an injured bear at the controls.