issue 1)

The last week has seen thousands of people of all ethnicities take to the streets in multiple cities around the world, as a groundswell movement for real and equal justice for all people began to take hold. Will 2020 finally be the year in which listening turns to hearing, and then to action? Change has indeed begun. Hopefully our leaders will embrace and assist this grassroots progress, but if not, to borrow from General Mattis, we can still do it together, and we must not wait.

issue 7)

A global leader in the delivery of end-to-end managed clothing solutions, Logistik has been at the forefront of providing advanced military apparel for more than two decades.

issue 4)

How did the re-opening of RMC Saint-Jean become a strategic issue and make it into the new Canadian Defence Policy “Strong, Secure, Engaged”?

issue 3)

Quantum computing can disrupt the security of network architecture.