Failing our Veterans
issue 1)

The last hospital wholly owned and operated by Veterans Affairs Canada on the West Island of Montreal, was transferred to the province of Québec with a monetary allowance for each Veteran living there. Services and care immediately declined as staff departed over pay cuts and reduced hours. This failure to care properly for our war Veterans also highlights the deficiencies in elder care across the country. Will the battle waged by a 96-year old Veteran create change before it’s too late?

issue 3)

What do you do after an 18-year career in the Armed Forces? One answer is consider a career in the cyber security sector.

issue 6)

Team Rubicon is a non-profit disaster relief organization that unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams and prove that natural hazards don’t have to result in billions of dollars in recovery spending.

issue 5)

Camp Aftermath’s novel approach to the long-term management of PTSD has attracted the attention of mental health professionals and organizations.