EADS: Canadian Jobs

Mar 15, 2011

EADS and its predecessor companies have been in operation in Canada for more than 25 years. Showing the importance of the country’s aerospace and defence industry, EADS currently employs more than 700 people in Canada.

Eurocopter Canada Ltd. (ECL) has a rich heritage in Canada – its operations span over 26 years, with the initial delivery of the current BO105 fleet to the Canadian Coast Guard. Today ECL provides more than 180 high-technology skilled jobs in its Fort Erie, Ontario, facilities, supporting a fleet of over 600 helicopters operated by 160 customers across the country. ECL has provided 60% of all helicopter deliveries to local law enforcement and police operators. Eurocopter Canada’s capabilities in integration and completions, R&D, composite manufacturing and logistics support are continuously upgraded to meet market requirements of all its customers.

Headquartered in Ottawa, EADS Canada Inc. is situated in the same office as Airbus Military and Cassidian’s Canadian representatives. Airbus and its defence arm Airbus Military have a long-standing relationship with Canada, now involving more than 460 Canada companies in their supply chains for aircraft such as the A380, A350 or C295. The C295, which addresses Canada’s future needs in Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue Canadian missions, relies on Canadian partners for important items such as engines and avionics systems and to deliver state-of-the-art solutions.

Cassidian – the former EADS Defence & Security Division – also contributes to the development of the Canadian footprint in EADS’ portfolio. As a world-leading provider of mission-critical communication and Command & Control solutions, and particularly its business units in Gatineau, Quebec, Cassidian employs around 170 people in Canada. Cassidian is committed to remaining a preferred partner of the Canadian Forces by offering reliable solutions, from Unmanned Vehicles to sensors, from Large Systems Integration and end-to-end solutions to turnkey packages for complex topics such as border and maritime security and Arctic surveillance. By partnering with Canadian industry, Cassidian also focuses on other areas of expertise to offer the most technologically advanced products for high priority programs such as ISSP, JSSP, JUSTAS and CSC.

On the east coast, Lunenburg in Nova Scotia is home to EADS Composites Atlantic (CAL). Active in both the national and international market since 1988, CAL is a leader in the design, testing, certification and manufacture of advanced composites for the aerospace, space, defense, and commercial industries, with a team of over 400 personnel utilizing the most advanced equipment and technology.

EADS, Europe’s premier aerospace and defence company, with revenues of €42.8 billion and a workforce of more than 119,000 in 2009, spends around C$800M annually in Canada on aerospace related goods and services sustaining close to 4,000 direct or indirect jobs. With a wide variety of products already in service in Canada – including 120 Airbus aircraft, the ERYX missiles used by the Canadian Army, Astrium’s involvement in the telecommunications satellites Anik F1R, Anik F3 and Nimiq 4 in 2008 – EADS and its Divisions are reliable local partners to Canada, with the unique expertise of an International Group and providing new solutions to tackle new challenges.
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