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Defence Strategic Communications
Until his retirement in 2019, Brian Berube was a prolific communications consultant, working for such organizations as CADSI, Canadian International Development Agency, the Canadian Armed Forces Directorate of CBRN Defence, Canada Command, DND Public Affairs and Global Affairs Canada. He was involved in the Government of Canada's Sustainment Initiative for military equipment and fleets.
Policing and Leadership
Jean-Michel Blais
Jean-Michel Blais worked 25 years in the RCMP before becoming the Chief of Halifax Regional Police, retiring in 2019. He is a graduate of McGill University (political science and economics) and Université Laval (law). He is the principal of EMPIRIC Consultancy Solutions, and is currently writing a book entitled 'Working the Blue Line: Lessons in Life, Leadership and Complexity from Hockey and Policing', expected to be published in 2021.
Search and Rescue
A former infantry officer, and a lawyer by profession, Don Blakely has been involved in Ground Search and Rescue since 1987. Currently a Manager with Vernon SAR in BC, Don has responded to hundreds emergencies including floods and urban wildfires. He is a founding member and currently a Director of the Search and Rescue Volunteer Association of Canada and of the BC SAR Association. Don was responsible for the creation of the National GSAR Liability Insurance program and is a co-author of British Columbia's SAR Strategic Plan. He is a Lead Instructor with the SAR Program at the Justice Institute of BC and has participated in the development and continued evolution of BC's SAR training standards and management programs. Don is a regular presenter at Canada's national SARSCENE conference. Don was BC's 1999 SAR Volunteer of the Year and was also the executive producer/program manager for a SAR training film for the JIBC's GSTL program.
Infrastructure Security
Philip J. Boyle
Philip J. Boyle is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology & Legal Studies at the University of Waterloo. His research is concerned with contemporary developments in policing, security, and public safety after 9/11, particularly in relation to cities and urban governance. His current research on critical infrastructure security is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.
Government Contracts
After guiding over 5000 Canadian companies to win over $200M in US government contracts during 15 years as a Trade Commissioner at the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC, Judy Bradt launched her consulting practice in 2003. She is Principal and CEO of Summit Insight, and is dedicated to maximizing Canadian companies' effectiveness and win rate when they seek US government business -- especially in the defence and security niche. She writes and consults for Canadian firms and the trade facilitators who serve them, and is a renowned speaker at conferences across North America on secrets to US government contract success. Her free monthly e-newsletter is available through
Richard Bray began his media career in 1972 in West Germany as an announcer with the Canadian Forces Network, a radio service for Canadian military personnel serving with NATO. Before 1984 when he began a freelance career, Mr. Bray worked with the national radio and television networks of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Toronto as a producer, reporter and senior news editor. During that time, he wrote and presented material on‑air for such national news and current affairs broadcasts as Sunday Morning, The World at Six and World Report.
Writer / Intelligence
After a distinguished career in Canada’s federal Public Service (CSE, PCO, TBS Program Branch, CSIS and the Solicitor General Secretariat), Alan Breakspear began his consulting practice in 1994. He is now President and CEO of Ibis Research Inc. , and a Director of BGB Advantage Corp. providing international clients with services in Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management. Founding Chair of the Ottawa Chapter of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, he has taught Competitive Intelligence in many settings, including the University of Ottawa’s EMBA program and several federal departments, and has been a featured speaker and workshop leader at conferences throughout North America.
Health and Safety Advisor
Wolfgang Brettner
Wolfgang Brettner was born and raised in Carinthia Austria and moved to Alberta with his family in 1998. He has worked in the Oil and Gas industry since 2003 with a break in 2009 to complete a tour of duty with the Canadian Armed Forces in Afghanistan. He has been an active Canadian Armed Forces Reservist for 14 years and has been in the Health and Safety Field since 2013.
Aviation & Policing
A 16-year veteran of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Jacques Brunelle is currently an investigator with their National Security Investigation Section in Ottawa. His first book on the RCMP, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the 1990s: Their Uniforms and Kit was well received and a second edition is currently in the works. He has written numerous articles for Blue Line, Pony Express and Information magazines dealing with police matters and police aviation in particular. Originally from Lachine, Quebec, Jacques attended Dawson College and Concordia University in Montreal. He was selected to be a pallbearer for both Canada's Unknown Soldier and the following year for the former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau.
Casey Brunelle is a security and intelligence consultant with extensive experience in both the public and private sectors, specializing in counterterrorism, public safety, and geopolitics. He is a strategic advisor to the International Airport Watch Association, a not-for-profit community policing and crime prevention program enhancing aviation security around airports. Casey holds an MPhil in international relations from the University of Cambridge and an honours BSocSc in International Development from the University of Ottawa.
A hands-on executive with expertise in software and hardware engineering, new product R&D and consulting, Alan developed software tools for military, security, emergency response, business and government markets. Former the VP of Engineering and senior software architect at Black Coral Inc, he went on to become President of Orcagis Inc., specializing in mission- and safety-critical systems. Upon retirement, Alan became a champion of environmental responsibility, writing many articles and commentaries plus maintaining an information portal on the internet. He passed unexpectedly away after an accident in January 2012.
Emergency Management, Environmental Response
With over 20 years of experience, Darren is called upon by global organizations to enhance their emergency management systems to world-class levels. He has been recognized for his achievements in the fields of environmental emergency readiness, petrochemical incident response, community emergency interface systems and integrated corporate response platforms. Darren currently resides in the Middle East and, in addition to his current work, is also leading the development of the new Incident Command & Management System (ICMS) program for the region.