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Risk Management
An internationally recognized expert in crisis mgmt, Mark Egener is president of Summit Enterprises International Inc, a consultancy specializing in crisis and risk mgmt. He has led many projects related to adaptation to global warming, disaster preparedness, the mgmt of risk, and risk communications. He was Senior Advisor to the Alberta Environmental Protection Commission in 2005. From 1983-1995 he was head of Alberta Public Safety Services, an agency responsible for hazardous materials and disaster mgmt, and in 2006 was interim head of the new Alberta Emergency Management Agency. Previously he was a senior manager at an energy and chemical company. He was a founding member and Chair of the Major Industrial Accidents Council of Canada an organization dedicated to the safe management of dangerous chemicals. He is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers.
National Security
Ward P.D. Elcock's vast experience and contacts in the fields of security and intelligence, coupled with his knowledge of govt policy and procedure and his legal background, made him an outstanding choice to serve as the Coordinator for 2010 Olympic and G8 Security. He served as the Director of the Cdn Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) from 1994-2004, and as the Deputy Minister of National Defence from 2004 to 2007. Prior to his appointment at CSIS, Mr. Elcock served as the Security & Intelligence Deputy Clerk of the Privy Council Office for five years, and as Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet (Legislation and House Planning/Counsel) for six years. Mr. Elcock was recently appointed to the Privy Council Office, where he now serves as the Deputy Minister level advisor to government in the newly-formed Office of the Coordinator for 2010 Olympic and G8 Security.