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Information Security
Tyson Macaulay is the Customer-Chief Information Security Officer (C-CISO)/ Security Liaison Officer for Bell Canada. He is responsible for technical and operational risk management solutions for Bell’s largest enterprise clients. Tyson’s leadership encompasses a broad range of industry sectors from the defence industry to high-tech start-ups. His expertise includes operational risk management programs, technical services and incident management processes. Previously, Tyson served as Director of Risk Management for a U.S. defence contractor in Ottawa - Electronic Warfare Associates (EWA 2001 ? 2005), and founded General Network Services (GNS 1996 - 2001).
Cyber Security
Burns MacDonald has over 25 years of experience in information technology, cyber security, intelligence, strategic analysis and defence. He is currently a senior member of the CGI Cyber Resilience center of excellence in Ottawa, Canada.
Emergency Management
Mr. MacGillivray is currently the Director of the Emergency Services Branch, of the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety. Ernie has been at the centre of the ongoing transformation of emergency mgmt in Canada. Ernie has served as a senior policy advisor on public safety and security issues and has been very active nationally and internationally. His current portfolio includes responsibility for the province’s emergency management, 9-1-1 and regional dispatch systems, interoperability and intergovernmental relations. His main effort right now is implementing organizational and technological change to improve interoperability and build capacity in the emergency management and response agencies.
Canadian Director
Robert Masse is an accomplished visionary, security strategist and business leader with 20 years of experience in security and information technology. On the odd occasion he is not spending time evangelizing security, he speaks at security conferences around the world (Blackhat, RSA, NCFTA, PCI, etc).
Dr. Gordon McBean is a Professor and Director of Policy Studies for The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction at The University of Western Ontario. He is Chair, International Science Committee for Integrated Research on Disaster Risk; Co-Chair, Global Environmental Change START Project; and member of International Institute for Sustainable Development’s Board and Ontario Premier’s Climate Change Advisory Panel. A former Assistant Deputy Minister in Environment Canada, he is a Member of the Order of Canada; a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada; Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society; and American Meteorological Society. Dr McBean shared in the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize to the IPCC.
Public Health & Safety
Theresa McGuire is a certified Occupational Health Nurse and Canadian Registered Safety Professional. A former Canadian Armed Forces military officer and Search and Rescue volunteer, she is currently employed with the Canadian Coast Guard on icebreakers sailing to the Arctic as a Health Officer. With a Masters in Environmental Management degree focusing on human health risks, her specialized areas of expertise include infectious disease, shiftwork, critical incidence stress, and hearing protection. Theresa is an active member of the Canadian Occupational Health Nurses Association. She can be contacted at
Jim McLean 2020
Jim served 35 years with the Toronto Police Service in a variety of postings, including the Public Order & Emergency Management Unit, Toronto Police College, Major Crime and Foot Patrol. He was a search manager and member of the Toronto HUSAR Team (CanTF3) and has delivered Public Order and Emergency Management training to the public and private sector across Canada.
Cyberspace solutions
Dave is Chief Strategist, Defence and Security at ADGA. Prior to that, he was the Chief Security Officer (CSO) for Bell Security Solutions Inc., and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the SecDev Cyber Corp. He has a broad-spectrum of experience working at the intersection of cyberspace, social and political change, competition and conflict. Dave was one of the founding members of the interdepartmental committee on Information Warfare and Psychological Operations, and a member of the Privy Council Office (PCO) Intelligence Experts Group (IEG). He was a special advisor to the Canadian Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Intelligence Review and an expert witness to Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs and the parliamentary Committee on Defence and Security.
Conflict Studies
President of Peace and Conflict Planners Canada Inc., a firm specializing in economic and cultural reconstruction and acceleration, Dr. Meharg is also a Senior Research Associate at the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre, and Adjunct Professor at the Royal Military College of Canada. She is a leading post-conflict reconstruction theorist. Her unique theory of conflict - identicide (1997) - defines the world's most recent attacks perpetrated against people and their cultural places. She achieved top honors in innovative doctoral research in post-conflict reconstruction and has received numerous awards for research, writing and conference presentations. Dr. Meharg has a regional focus on the Balkans, Afghanistan, and Iraq and is currently researching military geography; identicide; and measuring the effectiveness of reconstruction activities during peace operations. Sheserves as a research fellow with the Centre for Security and Defence Studies and the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute.
Errol P. Mendes is a lawyer, author, professor and has been an advisor and consultant to corporations, governments (including the Privy Council Office, Government of Canada), civil society groups and the United Nations. His teaching, research and consulting interests include public and private sector governance, anti-corruption, globalization, human rights, national security and dispute resolution and has authored or edited eleven texts in these areas. He has helped leading Canadian and international companies develop cutting edge ethics and compliance systems. Since 1979, Professor Mendes has taught at Law Faculties across the country, including the University of Alberta, the University of Western Ontario, McGill and the University of Ottawa from 1992 to present.
Assistant Commissioner
Bud joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1976 and has served Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific, the far north and points between. In the last 7 years he has served at Command and Executive levels. In October 2007, Assistant Commissioner Mercer transferred to his current position as the Chief Operating Officer for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, Integrated Security Unit. Prior to assuming this responsibility, he held the positions of the Deputy Criminal Operations Officer responsible for Federal Policing in the province of British Columbia, the Operations Officer for the Lower Mainland District in the Province of British Columbia, the Officer in Charge of the Upper Fraser Valley Regional Police Service, the Officer in Charge of Chilliwack Detachment and a Patrol Duty Officer at Surrey Detachment.
Trauma Response
Samuel A. Miller (M.A.), President of Sam Miller Consulting, is a resourceful Therapist with extensive experience in Trauma Response and Treatment as well as Wellness Programs. He has demonstrated strengths in leadership, coaching and communication. Sam has worked with many organizations and corporations in creating healthy, respectful, workplace environments as well as managing work-related traumatic events. Based in Toronto, Mr. Miller can be reached at 416-455-1684. Please visit his website
Edward Minyard is a partner of Global Outsourcing & Infrastructure Services for Unisys. By the summer of 2007, he had spent much of the previous 22 months in New Orleans helping local, state and federal agencies restore communications networks in the city and surrounding areas.
Defence R&D
Dr Ingar Olav Moen, the Director of Science and Technology Policy, with Defence R&D Canada, was responsible for science policy issues, strategic planning, technology forecasting and international R&D coordination. Dr. Moen did postdoctoral research in Physics at the University of Cambridge, England and at McGill University. He taught mechanical engineering and physics at McGill, Western and Trent Universities. He joined the Defence Research Establishment Suffield in 1981, was responsible for R&D on Explosive Systems and Explosive Effects, and wrote many articles for FrontLine before he passed away in June 2006. He is missed by all who knew him.
Security and Emergency Management
Stephen Moore is a police, security and emergency management professional with over twenty-eight years of experience. He has worked with all levels of Government and with police and security agencies both domestically and internationally. Highlights of his career include leadership of the security program for the Department of National Defence and service as the Canadian Forces Provost Marshal (Chief of the Military Police) leading an organization of 2000 members delivering policing, security and criminal intelligence services both in Canada and abroad. Stephen is currently the President of Presidia Security Consulting.
Now a writer and biotechnology consultant, John acquired a PhD in genetics from the University of Washington in Seattle, and completed postdoctoral studies in Italy at the University di Pavia and Philadelphia at the Fox Chase Cancer Institute. He has held faculty positions at the University of Kansas and at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. His writings include over 200 peer-reviewed journal papers, non-peer reviewed coverage of the biotechnology industry, books and marketing reports. A number of companies, including Meridian Bioscience, Affitech, Henderson-Morley Biotechnology, Brandwidth Communications and Emergent Technologies have taken advantage of his consultancy services, provided through Newport Biotechnology Consultants.
Search and Rescue
At the time of writing, Jean Murray was the Executive Director of the National Search and Rescue Secretariat. Prior to joining the federal Public Service, Ms. Murray worked in municipal government and the private sector in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and New Brunswick, Canada. She has held positions with Public Works Canada, the Treasury Board Secretariat, and Transport Canada, where she worked in aviation policy and railway safety and as Director, Departmental Secretariat. Ms. Murray also spent 13 years with the Canadian Coast Guard, where her appointments included Director General, Rescue, Safety and Environmental Response, and DG, Marine Navigation Services.
Associate Editor
With 38 years of policing with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police including over 6 years in the top post of Commissioner, Phil Murray has made significant contributions to shaping the RCMP, and law enforcement generally, to meet the challenges of modern policing. He has championed community policing model to meet diverse needs; strengthened positive working relationships to encourage shared solutions to law enforcement and governance issues; encouraged technological innovation and investment; and led collaborative and proactive development of enforcement and prevention strategies to address major security threats and risks. Recent experience includes Fairness Commissioner; Ipperwash Commission of Inquiry into Aboriginal, Government and Police relationships; Cornwall Commission of Inquiry into Historical Sexual Abuse; Vice-Chair Ottawa Hospital Board of Governors; Governance Committee, Garda World Security Corporation; Vice-Chair Strategy, National Security Group; and Board of Directors, Pearson Peacekeeping Centre.
IT Security
Lysa Myers is the Director of Research for West Coast Labs, a leading independent test facility for information security and threat trends. She is responsible for researching and analyzing IT threat trends, reviewing and developing test methodologies. Myers spent 10 years in the Avert group at McAfee Security, Inc. coordinating detection and removal solutions, and training security researchers both within McAfee and at US government agencies. She is a member of numerous security industry groups, including the Drone Armies mailing list. A highly sought after expert resource on security topics, Myers is a regular conference presenter, and an IANS faculty member.
Edward R. Myers is the Editor of FrontLine Security magazine. Myers earned a Master of Arts degree from Carleton University's Institute for Canadian Studies. He specialized in Law and Journalism which propelled him into an early career in the publishing industry where he authored a school textbook, Living Law, published by McClelland and Stewart, and directed a video called Jury Duty which was produced for the Law Reform Commission of Canada by the National Film Board of Canada. Myers is an accomplished executive with 25 years experience in developing new businesses and strategic relationships in the information technology and defense sectors in Canada and the United States.