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The son of a naval commander and the grandson of an army major general, Tim Page 's career has been within the business sector. He is currently President of CADSI, the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries. Through this position, Mr. Page is lobbying for greater recognition and support for the role played by Canadian industry in support of Canada?s national security objectives. An experienced public policy, communications and association professional, previously involved with industry groups such as the Cdn Chamber of Commerce and the Assn of Consulting Engineers of Canada, his interests have been to promote Canada as a globally competitive economy and as a contributor to international development.
Karl Payeur is an analyst with The Northgate Group. In 2008, he interned at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C., where he prepared reports on topics pertaining to homeland and international security. Karl is also an M.A. candidate at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs in Ottawa. His current research examines the use and relevance of open sources in counter-terrorism investigations.
Public Safety
A certified management consultant and project mgmt professional, Brian Phillips brings 35+ years experience in security, strategic planning and operational readiness to his role as the Director, Public Safety for Bell Canada. As part of Bell’s Vancouver 2010 Team, he is providing expertise in leading edge technology in strategic and tactical solutions that support public safety and critical infrastructure protection. He was previously a senior executive at the RCMP, where he served for 28 years in protective policing ops, integrated intelligence services and corporate mgmt functions. Mr. Phillips' work has involved planning security for major world events such as the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, economic summits, and papal and royal visits to Canada.
Critical Infrastructure
Mr Pickering is the Chief Learning Officer for the Critical Infrastructure Institute. After 38 years of public service in the Canadian Forces, Mr. Pickering has consulted in critical infrastructure protection in the private and public sectors. He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Applied Military Science from the Royal Military College of Canada and is a graduate of the National Security Studies Course. He has been a senior consultant on projects that have included assessing security and emergency management policy and procedures at government, transportation, energy and industrial facilities.
Defence & Aviation Journalist
Ken Pole is currently the longest-serving continuous active member of the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery. A staff writer and desk editor with The Canadian Press in several bureaus across the country before moving to newspapers, he has been a freelance journalist since 1979, writing extensively on a range of military issues as while maintaining a keen interest in all aspects of civil fixed-wing and rotorcraft aviation. He is an avid sailor, diver and photographer as well as an aspiring guitarist.