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Natural Gas
Shahrzad Rahbar is the Vice President of Strategy and Operations at the Canadian Gas Association. She leads the CGA activities in sustainable development and delivery operations. Shahrzad is also responsible for supporting CGA’s manufacturers? section and downstream market partners. A graduate of London University in England, she obtained her BSc in Mechanical Engineering and her PhD in heat transfer from Queen Mary College. Prior to joining the gas industry in Canada, she worked in a variety of research and academic positions in England. Shahrzad has over 16 years of experience in the natural gas industry in Canada. Starting as a senior research engineer with the Canadian Gas Research Institute, she joined CGA as Director of Manufacturers and Operations where she has held progressively senior positions.
International Defense and Security Analyst
A former military advisor to the Saudi Royal Family, Sunil Ram taught for two decades at American Military University in the Military History Department and the School of Security and Global and Studies. He has appeared over 700 times in national and international news media reports. He also served as an officer and soldier with the Canadian Forces during the 1980s and 1990s and holds the UN Global Citizen Award. He is currently the Director of Intelligence for private concerns in the UAE and works as an international defense consultant to major private enterprises around the world.
Jon Ramsey is the Chief Technology Officer at Dell SecureWorks in Atlanta, GA and a Dell Fellow. Ramsey has 25 years of hands-on experience at every level system administrator, software engineer, analyst, security penetration specialist and senior engineer. Prior to joining Dell SecureWorks, Ramsey worked for the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), Siemens, and the University of Pittsburgh. Ramsey earned a Master's degree in software engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor of Science in computer science from the University of Pittsburgh.
Emergency Management
Dave Redman has extensive and in-depth knowledge of Emergency Management. He has worked with all orders of government and the private sector to develop emergency management in North America. He worked for Emergency Management Alberta (EMA) for over five years, leading it for two. He served for over 27 years as an officer in the Canadian Army. He’s been posted all across Canada, Germany, and California. He also served on a number of United Nations and NATO operational tours in areas in conflict. He continues to work in the U.S. with Federal and State governments. In Canada he works with federal provincial governments, the private sector and academic institutions.
Infectious diseases
Dr Shane Renwick
A graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC), Dr Renwick also holds an MSc in Epidemiology from the Department of Population Medicine at the OVC. While at the Health of Animals Laboratory in Guelph, he designed and conducted collaborative epidemiological studies including an investigation of E. coli in humans and dairy cattle. After working for several years in Animal Health Risk Assessment for the federal government, he accepted a position as Chief of Science and Tech at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, later being selected as Director of Animal Health Laboratory Services. Among other duties, Dr. Renwick coordinated the National Federal-Provincial Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Network and the National Avian Influenza Surveillance Network, and was project manager on foreign animal disease diagnostic test development in CFIA where he has been Director of Animal Health Science Foresight and Intelligence and Senior Advisor, Strategic Science Engagements.
Business Analytics
Greg Richards
Greg Richards is currently MBA Director and Director of the Centre for Business Analytics and Performance at the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management where he teaches courses on Organizational Performance Management and Management Consulting. His current research focuses on the use of performance management techniques, the use of information technology in delivering performance information, the role performance information plays in stimulating organizational learning and innovation, and the issue of “cognitive load” related to people’s decision-making processes.
Customs and Borders
Barry Risk
Born in Bristol, England and immigrating to Canada, Barry Risk has enjoyed all the riches that Canada can provide. Over his 35-year career in Customs, he has witnessed many changes to his area of expertise, border protection. He has travelled and worked in many parts of Canada. His career, from field officer to Counter-Terrorism intelligence Officer, began in Toronto and finished off at CBSA headquarters. He has won many awards of excellence and Ministerial awards, and takes particular pride in his medals for Peacekeeper, Peace Officer, and the 125 medal. His recently authored the book "The Thinner Blue Line", published by Burnstown Publishing House, journeys through his 35 years of border protection and the complexities of the Customs Service.
Pascal Rodier has over 24 years of emergency response, interoperability, and public safety experience. He took part in writing the Communications Interoperability Strategy for Canada and the Communications Interoperability Action Plan for Canada. He was the original EMSCC Representative and Co-Chair on the Tri-Services Special Purpose Committee on 700 MHz Broadband for Mission Critical Public Safety Data. Pascal was awarded the Governor General’s EMS Exemplary Service Medal in 2010. He has a Master of Arts, in leadership (Health). Pascal has written articles on responder voice and data interoperability and has presented at a number of public events, courses, and conferences.
Legal Counsel
Jay Rosenblatt, a Partner in the law firm Simpson Wigle LLP, located in Hamilton, Ontario, is engaged in a Business and Technology law practice. He counsels companies from early stage start up to maturity through each phase of their growth, and assists them in enhancing enterprise value. Many of his clients view Jay as their general counsel, with whom they consult regarding legal issues and business matters that may have legal implications. Due diligence and disaster management are key elements to his Risk Management guidance. Jay has provided such input to vulnerable mid-sized companies as well as very large corporations. Jay is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Canadian Centre for Emergency Planning. LINK (issue #2, 2006)
Steve Rowland has been involved with the Emergency Medical Services in Ontario since 1974. He is a provincially certified instructor in Basic Emergency Management and Incident Management systems. He is a visiting staff member at the Canadian Emergency Management College in Ottawa. In 2010, he became a Certified Municipal Manager III. Steve Rowland retired after 37 years as a Superintendent from Durham Region EMS. He works part-time with the City of Kawartha Lakes EMS and he spends his free time travelling around North America in his motorhome with his wife Carol.
Associate Editor
Martin Rudner is a Professor Emeritus and Distinguished Research Professor at Carleton University. Prior to his retirement in July, 2007, he served at The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs and was founding Director of the Cdn Centre of Intelligence and Security Studies at Carleton. Professor Rudner is author of over 90 books and articles dealing with Southeast Asia, international affairs, and security and intelligence studies. He has organized and contributed to numerous academic and governmental conferences, seminars and programs, and has served as commentator and analyst on international security affairs for Canadian and international media. He has consulted and lectured on security and counter-terrorism issues to various departments and agencies of the Government of Canada and other international authorities.