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Interoperability, Incident Command
Inspector Valcour has extensive Incident Command, Leadership, Strategic Planning and Technology Program/Project Mgmt experience at national and international levels. A veteran of the Ottawa Police Service, he led the national interoperability program, spearheaded by the Canadian Interoperability Technology Interest Group (CITIG). He has worked on major projects with numerous national organizations, including police, fire, EMS, Industry Canada and Public Safety Canada.
Dr Vallerand is the Director of S&T Public Security of the Center of Security Science, a program that supports 21 Departments and Agencies with Homeland Security Research, Technology and Analysis (RT&A). He specializes in research, design and implementation. He has established investment guidance and directions for Human Factors, Modeling & Simulation and Capability Assessment domains, led major S&T initiatives, and spearheaded several major S&T programs nationally and Internationally.
Security Advisor
Joseph Varner
Joseph Varner has extensive experience in the fields of intelligence, international security, and diplomacy as a trusted advisor to the highest levels of the Canadian government. He holds certificates in Emergency Program Management, Hazardous Materials, and Disaster Recovery from the Federal Emergency Management Institute in Maryland and in Security Supervision from the International Foundation of Protection Officers. Joe Varner is an Adjunct Scholar at West Point’s Modern War Institute and is author of “Canada’s Asia-Pacific Security Dilemma.” He served as Director of Policy to the Hon. Peter McKay from 2008 to 2014. Varner taught homeland security and intelligence studies at the American Military University.
Information Security Consultant, EGYDE
Martin Verreault is an Information Security Consultant with experience in multiple industries such as finance, insurance, transportation and professional services. He is a results oriented and pragmatic consultant with a keen understanding of the need to implement the right security measures to enable business innovation while protecting key assets from cyber threats. This balanced approach, combined with his passion and attention to details, allows him to work and communicate at any level within an organization in order to deliver security initiatives and services.