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Nov 02, 2018

Public Service Announcement
Field Ambulance Training until Nov 9 , 2018
The public should be advised that Petawawa soldiers from 2 Field Ambulance will be conducting military medical between Borden and Deep River, Ontario, until November 9, 2018.
The unit will be travelling to and training at CFB Borden on Nov 1st, Toronto from 2-5 Nov and Deep River from 7-8 Nov.  

During this time, local residents can expect to see uniformed soldiers as well as military medical vehicles in these areas and on Provincial and municipal roads. Soldiers will not be carrying weapons nor any ammunition or pyrotechnics.

Medical units exercise regularly to hone skills and ensure training is up-to-date. This latest exercise, conducted by 2 Field Ambulance, is named Exercise SORETIA SERPENT. It is a military medical training exercise where Canadian medics will practice emergency response with various civilian medical and emergency organizations.

Corporal Shona Phillips from 28 Field Ambulance, Ottawa,  during Exercise STALWART GUARDIAN on August 21, 2015 at Garrison Petawawa, Ontario. (Photo: Cpl Angela Gore, Garrison Imaging Petawawa)