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Nov 08, 2018

In the coming weeks, Global Affairs Canada (GAC) will be launching an online consultation portal to seek industry views on how it conducts its assessment of export permits.

GAC will focus on the criteria and the questions it uses to assess the risks and implications of proposed exports with respect to human rights, Canada’s foreign and defence policy and national security considerations.

This will help GAC better comply with the UN Arms Trade Treaty (UN ATT) once the accession legislation (Bill C-47) receives Royal Assent, as well as update the Export Controls Handbook.

The consultation period is expected to last 30 days and the survey will involve 20-25 questions. It could take one to three hours to complete. GAC will summarize the information received into a publicly available report that will not contain any information that could potentially be used to identify you or your company.

The Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) encourages its members to participate in this consultative process. "While the association will support you though more general messaging, only you can speak to your company’s specific concerns, experiences and challenges," says a CADSI release.

Bill C-47, which allows Canada to accede to the UN ATT, continues to make its way through the legislative process. The bill is currently before the Senate for review.