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Apr 17, 2019

An Italian family trying to escape the mafia, applied for asylum in Canada. It seems the father's role as an undercover informant for the Italian police had been revealed and a cousin of the mother had turned state's witness against the Mob. The father was issued a work permit in Canada, but later denied their claim for asylum, so they went on the run. The couple has now turned themselves in to Canadian authorities with the hope that the PRRA will save them from deportation and the violence they face back in Italy.

Interview (The Guardian) 8 Mar 2019;

Fleeing the Italian Mafia, a young family hoped to find safe haven in Canada. Their claim for asylum was denied but they dare not return home. The Guardian interviewed the couple in March. She was born into a notorious crime clan in southern Italy, but turned her back on their underworld life.. He was a police informant investigating her family. They met, fell in love – and a world of danger. Read to find out the background of how all this came to pass.

Couple Surrender with a Plan (National Post) 16 April 2019

A new Federal Court decision allows people from countries such as Italy to have a pre-removal risk assessment (PRRA) to determine how safe it is to deport them to their homeland. The fugitive family from Italy saw another way to remain in Canada without all the hiding. “We gave instructions to our kids: if we don’t call you by 11:30, then you try to reach us. If you can’t reach us, call our lawyer. If you can’t reach him, call all of our friends and let them know.”