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May 05, 2020

Health Canada is warning of a 58% spike in accidental household poisonings due to cleaning product exposure, including bleaches (most common), disinfectants, hand sanitizers, and chlorine and chloramine gases.

Most adults are fully aware that ingesting cleaning products can be fatal, however, as more people are staying at home and concerned about disinfecting surfaces to lessen the potential for exposure to COVID-19, they are buying more cleaning products. In some cases, people are trying to increase the effectiveness by ignoring dilution directions or mixing products, and are learning the hard way that mixing various cleaners can create a toxic gas that should not be inhaled.

The B.C. Centre for Disease Control has also recorded a 60% spike in calls to poison control about exposure to household cleaners since early March.

Not surprisingly, it is reported that more women than men are being exposed to toxic cleaning chemicals.

Health authorities recommend following all dilution directions on labels, never mixing chemicals, and rinsing surfaces with water after using bleach to clean. Bleach and other disinfectants should never be used on food.

Cleaning products should always be stored in a safe place when not in use.