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Oct 11, 2016

General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada has officially launched four new public safety and security solutions that provide first responders around the world with integrated mission-critical communications systems that will help save lives.

Built on the company’s SHIELD Ecosystem, these turn-key, fully integrated solutions provide interoperable fixed and mobile digital communications to ensure the right information is available at the right time.

“We are building on our extensive experience in military communications and developing a new series of capabilities to help close the technology gap for the first responders who are facing increasingly complex threats,” said David Ibbetson, vice president and general manager of General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada. “The SHIELD Ecosystem and the solutions we have developed will support public safety and security organizations around the world by giving them the advanced tools they need to become more connected and coordinated response forces.”   

The four public safety and security solutions include: CitySHIELD, BorderSHIELD, InfrastructureSHIELD and EmergencySHIELD. These dedicated public safety communication systems combine 4G/LTE technology with satellite and fiber optics networking to enhance situational awareness of security threats and reduce emergency response times. The solutions enable police and other first responders to quickly gather and exchange vital information using digital applications on secure systems. SHIELD solutions also provide commanders with enhanced awareness of the availability, capability and location of in-field personnel at all times.

As one of Canada’s largest military systems integrators, General Dynamics has more than 60 years of experience in secure communication innovation and is committed to building long-term partnerships to enhance the interoperability and operational effectiveness of public safety and security forces with technical solutions to help keep the public safe and secure. 

General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada delivers advanced system solutions to Canadian and international customers. Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, with locations in Calgary and Halifax, it is one of the largest defence and security companies in Canada and is a prime contractor and systems integrator for public safety, military and security applications. For more information, visit