Jun 05, 2017


Seven people have been killed, and 48 others have been injured after three attackers drove a van into crowds on London Bridge before stabbing multiple people at Borough Market, late Saturday night, 3 June 2017.

One of those killed in the attack is confirmed to be a Canadian national, 30-year-old Christine Archibald from Castlegar, British Columbia.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack Sunday night, though this claim has not yet been verified by authorities.

London Police reported all three attackers were shot dead. Police have confirmed the attackers wore what appeared to be explosive vests but there were no explosives in them. The vests were metal canisters strapped together to make it appear like they were explosives in order to cause panic, according to eyewitnesses.

The Counter Terrorism Command of London’s Metropolitan Police reported that 11 people have been arrested Sunday in connection to the attack. They have however held from releasing the identities of the attackers, but said they would release their names “as soon as operationally possible.”

UK Prime Minister, Theresa May released a statement on her Facebook page, saying that “Enough is enough,” and called for tougher actions to be taken to combat against extremism. “We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed,”  she said. “There is, to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism in our country.”

She said tougher restrictions need to be placed on internet providers and social media platforms, stating that they are responsible for allowing extremism to grow.

During an elections campaign stop in Edinburgh on Monday, May countered claims made by Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn that police forces in England were underfunded and lacked the resources needed to combat violent extremism.

She stated the overall police budget have been “protected” since 2015, and she supports giving more power to the police, a policy she claims that Corbyn had been opposed to.

“We have given increased powers to the police to be able to deal with terrorists, powers which Jeremy Corbyn has boasted he has always opposed,” May said.

The country remains in high alert following the series of attacks. Barriers have been installed on London Bridge to prevent vehicles from swerving into the pedestrian lane. London Police have conducted several raids related to the attack, though no reports of arrests have been made.

This most recent incident comes at the heels of a 22 May suicide bombing in Manchester, which killed 22 people and left over 116 others injured.

On 22 March, another vehicle-ramming /stabbing attack took place near the Westminster Palace. Before he was killed, the perpetrator killed four pedestrians with his vehicle and then stabbed a police officer to death.

All three attacks have been linked to Islamic State (Daesh).

– Sean Cann-Sheppard